Monica Benitez
Monica Benitez
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Excellency in her Job!  That describes realtor, Monica Benitez. My name is Ms. Jacqueline Valdes de Quesada. I have been a teacher for 22 years. I had the privilege of working hand to hand with Ms. Benitez.
Ms. Benitez shows not only professionalism, but her incredible service characterizes her. Nowadays, a few people offer that kind of upfront attitude and willingness to help forgetting about so many other aspects. Ms. Benitez is a hard and dedicated worker not only to her job, but to the people that surround her. We are all too busy in today’s world that we are forgetting about the human touch. Her assistance and smile is the helping hand that will release you from the stress that sometimes involves reaching out to find the perfect home. I fervently recommend Ms. Benitez because she is not only a realtor, she is family. She takes her job very seriously, but always her heart to commitment comes first. It’s not going to be easy; it will take time, but for her is doable! She will make your dream come true. Looking for a realtor? Monica Benitez is that positive feature you need to find the American Dream or just that cozy little place we call Home SWEET Home!
Truly and will all my love
Today and Always,
Ms. J.Valdes de Quesada
World History & L. Arts Middle School Teacher


I currently rent a studio apartment in Coconut Grove and realized a year ago I outgrew the place. After a few months of looking on my own I decided to seek out the help of a professional. A family member introduced me to their Realtor, Monica Benitez. Right off the gate Monica proved to be a consummate professional. Making all the realtor inquires and the assessment of my financial means. I was pleasantly surprised when she presented me with options on locations and square footage afforded to me. Monica went to work that same evening. I received a couple of emails with great listings. She was accessible and able to work around my tough schedule.That week we looked at a couple of places. I was pleased with all my options so much so it put me in a predicament, how do I choose? It was actually a great feeling. Monica used all of her knowledge to make an offer and compose the perfect contract which guarded my interest. I have a beautiful place in my sights. I am confident that Realtor Monica Benitez has found not only my next apartment but a place I can call home.
Karen Baez
Hair and Color Specialist
Serge Renard Salon
3141 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove


We can't begin to express the gratitude we have for Monica Benitez as our Realtor.

My boyfriend and I explained to Monica everything we wanted to have in our future home. Unlike most Realtors Monica went the extra mile by personally looking into each property to make sure it had the necessary items we needed before even sending us a list of properties. She was always and I mean always available.

Monica helped us find our home in just a couple of weeks. Her and her financial team got us approved within days and were able to close on our new home in the Village of Palmetto Bay 2 weeks prior to our scheduled closing date due to how thorough, efficient and effective Monica and her team are. She is knowledgeable of the market and at all times had our best interest in mind.
We developed a great friendship where we went shopping together. I would have never  thought I would have had such a wonderful experience finding my dream home in Palmetto Bay. We highly endorse Monica Benitez as a Realtor.

Mr. & Mrs.  Baroniel
Palmetto Bay, Fl




















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